KLIC supports some of Australia’s most disadvantaged young people by working collaboratively with the community to enhance the growth and development of young people in their care. 

With over 25 years  experience in community development and working with young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds KLIC has a belief that every young person deserves a fulfilling future. This has informed the development of KLIC’s philosophies, methodologies and programs.

Where investment goes - energy flows is a founding KLIC principle, evidencing our belief that by investing in young people and the communities that support them, we all reap the long term benefits.  At KLIC we are fully aware that building resilience and self-esteem in young people, particularly those experiencing disadvantage, assists them to realise and reach their full potential as productive and engaged members of society.  This not only improves the social, emotional and physical outcomes of the young people, but also leads to economic and capacity gains for the community.