KLIC’s Standard Program Suite

“Stretch” Program (one day)

“Entry into Care” Program (one day)

“Contact” Program (one day)

“Leaving Care” (2+ days)

“Launch” Program (4 months)

KLIC’s unique suite of programs and services provide opportunities for communities, organisations and businesses to improve outcomes for all children and young people. All programs are underpinned by KLIC’s key philosophies of knowledge, life skills, investment and connection.

All KLIC programs utilise experiential learning, collaborative action research, community development, consultation and participation methodologies to enhance outcomes and deliver desired objectives. In addition, all programs are designed to be fun for all participants.

KLIC’s programs have a core structure with sufficient flexibility to tailor aspects to suit the needs of each individual community and group of young people.  KLIC is also able to work with communities to design innovative programs that address a particular need or issue. KLIC program lengths vary from one day right through to four months, therefore suiting the learning needs and financial capacity of the community or organisation. In addition, KLIC can work with communities and organisations to develop customised programs, utilising the same methodology, to address specific community issues or needs.

With over 15 years experience working with disadvantaged youth the facilitators at KLIC are very experienced in working with a wide range of age groups and behaviours.

For more detailed information or to discuss a program for your services / community please contact KLIC on

“Stretch” Program (1 Day)

Stretch is a unique one-day-fun-day program which utilises outdoor adventure activities and strengths-based group participation. The program is tailored to achieve predefined   outcomes which may include:

  • Building connections between young people sharing similar life experiences
  • Breakdown of perceived barriers and stereotypes (eg. young people, adults, carers and workers)
  • Providing a shared positive experience between a young person and significant adult
  • Establishing or strengthening positive relationships between young people and adults, and providing a platform for future support
  • Stretching individual comfort zones in a positive and safe environment 
  • Having fun in an equal, supportive and safe environment

Target Group

  • Young people between the ages of 7 and 25 and an adult (eg. parent, worker, carer or significant person) they would like to strengthen their relationship with.   
    Maximum number of participants 30


“Entry into Care” Program (1 Day)

This program is unique to the Out Of Home Care field and is aimed directly at those children and young people who have recently been placed into Out Of Home Care.

Through a 1 day program utilising outdoor adventure and strengths-based group participation to connect young people in care with one another and their case worker / or carer and increase their understanding of the support available to them during their time in Out of Home Care. It addresses the major questions young people often ask about being in care in a safe and caring environment.

Target Group

Children and Young People who have been placed under the department’s care in the last three - six months and their Caseworker and/or carer

“Contact” Program (1 Day)

This one day program has been hugely successful to date replacing many of the “traditional” access or contact visit alternatives currently available.

The program is based around outdoor adventure activities and a strengths-based group participation methodology which enables time spent with one another in a fun structured environment.

While still providing a supervised and safe environment participants will participate in activities and experiences not seen previously.

These days can be arranged in all areas across NSW and Australia.



“Leaving Care” Program (2 Days)

The leaving care program has been specifically designed in conjunction with OOHC agencies and DoCS to address the issues related to Leaving Care.

This two day program focuses on what is leaving care, how does it work and what does it mean.  Through involvement participants will have a much better understanding, knowledge base and confidence to help guide them in determining their leaving care plan, and their future support mechanisms.

“Launch” (4 months)

Launch is a unique youth development and leadership program aimed at young people in out-of-home care. This 4 month program focuses on addressing issues of self esteem and self worth, connection to other young people in care, building relationships with significant adults, issues associated with being in care (including entry into care and leaving care) and life skills.

Through involvement in Launch participants discover their community, identify personal dreams and goals, learn to take responsibility for individual actions and decisions, and build leadership and team building skills.  Launch is underpinned by community development methodologies which helps to ensure that the long term outcomes and relationships fostered throughout the program can be maintained well into the future.

Target Group

  • Young people from 13 years and over. 
    Maximum of 20 young people per program.